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TG Transformation - Library Book Club by ShadowHare TG Transformation - Library Book Club by ShadowHare
Robin had always been a shy bookworm sort of boy, and generally kept to himself.  He developed a habit of spending his free time in his school's library, both during the school day and often late into the evening.  One such day, after only himself and the librarian remained, she approached him with a sudden question.

"Robin, you may not be aware, but I run a special book club here in the library.  It's very exclusive, though - not just anyone is allowed to participate."  She smiled pleasantly at the young boy, showing confidence in him.  "I think with the right changes, however, you'd be a great fit."

Robin wasn't entirely sure what traits the librarian meant, or what sort of work he needed to do in order to qualify, but it seemed relevant to his interests, so he simply nodded in acceptance.

"Wonderful!" the librarian replied.  "I think you'll quite enjoy both the restricted books and the company of your peers."  Robin's interest piqued at the reveal of mysterious, unknown works.  "Now, just stand up and allow me to prepare you."  Before waiting for him to do so, she began softly chanting some inaudible words to herself, oddly focused on speaking them.

He got to his feet and stood with his arms crossed, unsure of what to expect and awkwardly waiting for further instructions.  Suddenly, he felt his body reacting in some sort of inexpiable way.  He found himself slowly shrinking, while his hair started to grow.  He looked down in shock as his form began to develop a gentle, curving shape, his waist slanting inward while his hips arced out.  His chest began to blossom into two soft orbs, pressing up against his tightening shirt.  Without seeing it happen, he distinctly felt all that was between his thighs shrink away - with a final squishing sensation, a smooth void was left in its place.

"Ahh, perfect," the librarian expressed as she finished the chant.  "You have to be a witch in order to gain access to the books on witchcraft, naturally.  Now you're a lovely young witch indeed."  Robin nodded, relatively unphased by what had happened to her - the magic that had changed her physically had also changed reality itself, convincing her that nothing out of the ordinary had happened.  She knew that the librarian had used some impressive magic, and that she had been accepted into the book club, but the details escaped her.  Of course she had always been a girl - but now she was an up-a-coming witch trainee, and part of the secret club of her school's library.  How many other girls were a part of the club?  She looked forward to meeting them.


The next evening, Robin attended the secret club meeting.  The librarian complimented her on the outfit she was wearing that day, which she thought was a little strange - she always dressed like this.  She blushed a little at the attention; she had always been a shy sort of girl.

A transformation sequence and story for the Caption This contest by :iconmikotowolfskin:.
11thdr Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016
i'm really just a shy girl in a boys body and i want to turn back into my shy girly self i started out shy as a little boy who was suppose to have been a girl!
TGCapsLover Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015
you know how to make really enjoyable tg've gained a new follower!!
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